Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier

BurningBRightTracy Chevalier is a very active contemporary author. She’s   American but lives in London. She really became well-known with Girl With A Pearl Earring and she did a TED Talk about how she wrote the story which is eye-opening regarding the way a novelist can create a story.

Burning Bright is the story of two teenagers roaming the streets of late 18th century London and encountering William Blake himself.
Tracy Chevalier did a lot of research to complete this work so the mix of reality and fiction is particularly compelling and breathtaking. This novel is a great opportunity to both be entertained and learn quite a few facts about London, Blake and the influence of the French Revolution in the lives of Londoners.

I finished reading Burning Bright just two days ago and would have loved it to go on forever… So, enjoy!

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